Promote Your Business with Facebook

Let your customers promote your businesses by checking in or like your page before accessing your free WiFi

Facebook Connection

    When the user clicks on your free WiFi they are greeted with your facebook page where they have to like or check in before being given access to your internet. This helps promote your business to all their friends helping you make your business busier and make more money!

    • A Clever Way to Get More Facebook Likes
    • More Facebook Visability
    • More Customers
    • More Money
    • Safe Customers
    • Safe Business

Make Your Business Secure

With our secure free wifi box, you can be safe to offer free wifi

Dont Let Your Business Get Hacked!

These days your business will be powered by some sort of computer configuration. Your tills, card machines, CCTV, printers, Wifi, TVs and so on. A hacker / criminal can visit your premises, get your on your WiFi either by asking for password, taking it off a sign on the wall, or by a brute force attack and guessing the password. They will have access to all your businesses devices such as your card machine. Then they can log into your card machine and refund them selves thousands of pounds. They can take over your till and damage it / steal money / transfer money to their banks. They can access your CCTV, format the hard drive, and then turn them off. They can also see customer laptops & phones on your network and rob them of their information. We offer a complete free Wi-fi secure service for you and your customers. You are breaching the data protecting act if your not protecting your business & its customers.

Our Wifi Box Blocks Hackers

  • Blocks hackers from accessing your business devices
  • Protects customers from hackers
  • Recommended by the Police
  • See realtime stats on your visitors via an app
  • Block devices from access your free wifi
  • Block websites / pornography / proxy / virus sites / streaming
  • Cloud hosted data usage
  • Email alerts when your broadband goes down
  • Schedule WiFi - Turn off wifi between 1am and 7am
  • Limit Bandwidth Per Device
  • Free Support
  • Comprehensive Online Stats
  • Obtain Customer Info for email marketing
  • Make customers like your FB page before accessing internet
  • Stronger, Faster, More secure WiFi for your business
  • Free secure WiFi sticker & certificate
  • Multiple SSID - Seperate Business from Customers
  • Custom Splash Pages
  • Accept Payments for WiFi
  • £275 Install. £30 per month. (Sky Cloud WiFi Costs £650 Setup, £35 / Month)
* Price is for 1 WiFi Box. If you have a large premises and require additional boxes for more WiFi coverage please order below. Monthly price stays the same. Simply order the 1 above with subscription. Then order again below if you require more.

Stop Hackers - Protect Your Business & Customers

Stop Hackers today before they cause you damage

How does it Work?
We turn off your current WiFi, install our Secure WiFi Box which uses your current internet. Then when any user connects to our WiFi Box it only allows them to access the internet and blocks all ports and local IP addresses so they cant see any other device. In turn stopping hacking altogether.

I have a large premises?
Our WiFi boxes are strong and fast. In some cases if your business is too large we can install additional secure boxes at additional cost. A cable will have to be run to each one from your main router hub for best performance.

Why the monthly charge?
Our managed WiFi comes with a cost because we are constantly updating our software keeping you secure. Its also hosted elsewhere so you can view realtime stats and we can provide 365 support. Email you your monthly statistics on top websites and data usage etc.

Why the setup cost?
In addition to the 1st box we have to spend a good amount of time pre-configuring your WiFi Box so its setup correctly for you. The time its travel to get to you. The fuel. The time onsite. The additional cabling. Its a fair price compared to Sky's £650 per month.

I dont have Facebook what else can i do?
You can just allow them straight onto the internet, or you can greet the user with a splash page where they can enter their email address for future marketing. This page can be customised to have your logo on and business colours. They can also accept conditions of use for the free WiFi.

Are you breaking the law doing this?
No we are not. We're not criminals. We're helping to prevent Cyber Crime. If we visit your premises and we can easily see your business devices you are by breaching data protection laws. Network tools are free and readily available on the internet. We spoken to the police and its in the managers best interest to have secure WiFi.
- Make payment online using credit or debit card.

- We will take initial setup & payments each month.

- We will contact you to talk about your order and pre-configure your device(s) before delivery.

- We arrange an install date.

- We come and install and take your currently insecure WiFi offline.

- Install the cloud app on your phone. Give tuition, final setup review and support until your happy.

- Do some final testing and your done, ready & secure.

- We leave you with a certificate and secure WiFi stickers.

- Minimum 12 month term.

Dont Forget

  • Protect Your Business
  • Protect Your Customers
  • Stronger Faster Wifi
  • Cloud Hosted System
  • Get More Facebook Likes
  • Free Ongoing Support
  • Free Secure Stickers
  • Unlimited Warranty
* Price is for 1 WiFi Box. If you have a large premises and require additional boxes for more WiFi coverage please order below. Monthly price stays the same. Simply order the 1 above with subscription. Then order again below if you require more.